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Concert David Garrett Nuremberg 22/09/28

As I got the email that I am allowed to take concert photos von David Garrett i was excited.

After C hit the world stood still and many professions were forgotten.

I was very nervous and to be honest i was afraid.

What if i can’t get nice pictures? Who am I - I do not have the “pro” gear.

So many thoughts went trough my head.

The day was rainy and people stood in a long line to see him - Mr. David Garrett.

I head about him but to say the truth I never went to a concert or even do not remember to really listen to his music. All I knew is that he was a master on the violin.

The Security got us photographers through the backstage area und got us to our designated photo place. And I must say. They were the nicest people ever. They told us how everything will be working and how many songs we will have and how we will leave the building after the photos were taken.

It was 19:55 h when we arrived at our spot and the concert started at 20:00 h. 5 Minutes? I hope he is one of those stars who are chronically late. Getting my camera ready as fast as I can. 2 or 3 test shoot for the light must do.

The band came on stage and my hand started to shake. I was so nervous to screw this opportunity up. “Good you are nervous”, I thought “that means that you are ready.”

A deep breath. I collected myself. The violin started to play. I searched through the lens Mr. Garrett. He was not on stage - where was he? I was like “Dude, please no.”

People were anxious waiting to see him. There he was. Walking into the Arena while playing on his violin. Beautiful. He smiled to the visitors. A lady lit up out of pure happiness.

I smiled as I watched this situation. This is what concerts are about. This is what music is all about. Making people happy and give them a smile. Especially through this time.

He reached the stage turned around, gave the people a smile and stopped playing. Happy smiles waited for him on the other side of the stage. That and a welcoming applause.

He took a microphone and engaged with his audience. He talked about how happy he is to be here and also about moments were everyone in his audience can relate to. Each song got a little story about David. I was mesmerized how easy he was talking like this is normality. I have visited many concerts and this was something special.

The song from “Beauty and the Beast” started to play and I could not help myself to stop photographing and to just take this moment in. It was my favorite cartoon as I was a child and somehow the song just sounded so much better on a violin. I watched him as he danced over the stage, his violin under his chin, his eyes closed and being in the moment. I wonder if he forgot where he was for a second as I forgot where I was. I had tears in my eyes. It was just beautiful.

After song 5 I put my camera away and got my jacket back on, because after song 6 we need to leave and I do not want to make the security people mad.

As we walked out I try to catch a glimpse to the people who came to watch him. I saw many couples, many seemed to be married for a long time and many holding hands or lay in each others arms. Some with tissues and some without. I also saw people who were sitting alone. For second I was sad for them, but then I saw their smilies. One last glimpse to the stage.

I say thank you and then left the venue.

It was an amazing experience and I hope people will like my photos.

I like to say thank you to the Management, to Mr. Garrett, ARGO Konzerte and the security team for this amazing moment.

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